Leadership for Sustainable Socio-ecological Systems

23-25 July 2016, Vignan University, India
About the Conference

In the present century, threats to the availability of raw materials, habitat, lifestyles and living conditions are alarming.  In addition, we run short of many community-based requirements in our socio/ecosystems primarily due to our greedy lifestyle.   It is time, to contemplate and reengineer to stabilize and restrain our natural ecosystems that support the beauty of life on Earth.


The education and awareness need to be spread across the youth and entrepreneurs that the habitat wherein we live does not belong to us and it belongs to the future generation to whom we have to handover the un-mutilated habitat. In this context, the term 'Sustainability' has become a buzz word spoken at all forums. As a consequence, companies, business sectors, research organizations, municipal administrations and national agencies are seeking/rendering /looking at sustainable systems/approaches/policies/know-how of habitat reengineering/ development for sustainable livelihood.

The title of the international conference "Leadership for Sustainable Socio-ecological Systems" promotes young minds to ponder over the engineering systems to adopt for better living conditions.


The uniqueness of this conference is that it is being organized simultaneously at two places namely Vignan's University (23-25th July, 2016) and University of Colorado (24- 30th July, 2016) as an annual activity of ISSS.

Conference Format

The Main Plenary Session will comprise of:

  1. invited special Lectures from eminent scientists from various research institutes and organizations

  2. selected Oral Presentations from students & Scholars

Day 1 (Saturday): Food, Energy, and Water Systems: Engineering for Sustainability


  • Registration and inauguration

  • Session 1: Renewable and sustainable energy

  • Session 2: Sustainable and healthy food systems/Engineering systems for sustainability

  • Session 3: Online viewing of the program at CIRES, University of Colorado/Cloud Computing


Day 2 (Sunday): Economics, Business, and Green Technologies


  • Session 4: Circular economic models for business, societies, entrepreneurs and communities

  • Session 5: Green technologies- agriculture and livestock/Use of sensors for sustainability

  • Session 6: Online viewing of the program at CIRES, University of Colorado/Cloud Computing


Day 3 (Monday): Habitats and Ecosystem Sustainability


  • Session 7: Habitat resilience (rural, urban, forest and natural ecosystems)

  • Session 8: Valedictory session

Who should participate?

The conference is structured to display the innovations of:

•    Scientists
•    Technologists
•    Environmentalists
•    NGOs
•    Social workers
•    Students
•    Faculty
•    Research Scholars
•    Policy makers and
•    Media 
in the field of Systems (engineering systems, software systems, ecosystems, complex metro systems, automotive systems and cultural systems) Sustainability and cognate areas.